The Lord has used lots of different people to  add grace to my life through the grace that was given to them. A number of these folks might not have shared the same stage together with others on the list, because they came from such varied backgrounds, and came from different stratus of history. Some of these people I have actually met, while most of them have impacted me through their life witness, writings, and recordings.


Howard Carter was the dean of a Bible school in England who was given an unparalleled revelation about the gifts and nature of the Holy Spirit while he was in prison for being a conscientious objector during World War I. He took this revelation to the church around the world, but it clashed with the raw or unrefined understanding of the Holy Spirit during these early days of the Pentecostal movement. The only thing that convinced people to be open to the balance he brought was the fact that few people were used in the Gifts of the Spirit on his level of proficiency. He only had a couple of books printed, “Questions and Answers on Spiritual Gifts” and “Spiritual Gifts and Their Operation”. These were transcribed by others from his lectures, but most of his material has been preserved in Kenneth Hagin and Lester Sumrall’s own writings on

“The Holy Spirit and His Gifts” and “The Gifts & Ministries of The Holy Spirit, for which they give Carter his due. Carter and Sumrall traveled together for a few years just as World War Two was starting teaching his revelation about the ministry of the Holy Spirit while Sumrall preached as an evangelist.

You should get to know Eric Liddell, whose brief life story was the basis for the lovely movie called “Chariots of Fire”, but there is more to his life and message than what was caught on film. He inspires me on a number of levels, as a missionary and as a man. Try to find a biography that does not glamorize him.

You should get to know Charles S. Price, who was used in healing the sick more than anyone else I have read about. His book “Real Faith for Healing” is perhaps one of the best books on healing I have come across. It contains a rare revelation about yielding to Jesus for the power to heal the sick, rather than doing everything we have learned hoping that something works. You can find some books by him, but his amazing story first came to light for me in Demos Shakarian’s “The Happiest People on Earth”.  This book also contains a first-hand history of the early days of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements.

I would suggest you get to know John Hyde otherwise known as “Praying Hyde” in a little book by E. G. Carre. This book illustrates what God can do when we wait upon Him in prayer. The early efforts of mission work in India did not yield much fruit until John Hyde, who was not a particularly gifted missionary himself, tapped into the power of God.

You should get to know John Wimber. I loved this guy and would recommend anything he put in print or that you can find on tape or YouTube. John Wimber was supernaturally natural and mightily used by the Lord on so many levels. He modeled grace like few others I have seen and was used in the Gifts of the Spirit at such a high level. His wife, Carol, wrote a book called, “The Way it Was”

Lester Sumrall His life story is best seen in his book “Lester Sumrall: The Man, The Ministry, The Vision”. This has been an important book to me on a number of levels. It is a fascinating read and introduced me to the ministry of Howard Carter and has great stories about someone stepping out in the power of God.


Loren Cunningham. In his book “Is That Really You, God” he tells the story of how God used him to release young people into a whole new era of mission work which, had never been seen before. It is the story of how God began to send young people to be missionaries now, rather than waiting until they have had years of training and preparation to live on the field. It is not only a great testimony, but a powerful tool designed to teach people how to be lead by the Lord.

Pastor Jim Cymbala who pastor’s one of great churches in America today, The Brooklyn Tabernacle is the author of several powerful books, such as “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire”; “Fresh Faith”; and “Fresh Power”. His wife, Carol Cymbala, directs the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.


Anything book I have found by Bob Mumford contains clear, concise, statements that when they become unzipped, reveal relevant revelations. These can be mined for their sermon starters. I cannot think of another author who does this to me like Mumford. Try to find his books like... and sit down with a highlighter as you read them.
“Fifteen Steps Out”
“The Purpose of Temptation”
“Doing Your Own Thing”
“The King and You”

Anything you can read by Bob Sorge will enrich your life. His writing is one of the best examples today of the fruit that can come out of meditating upon the word of God. Rich and profound teaching on every page.


You should get to know A. B. Simpson

You should get to know E. W. Kenyon

You should get to know Charles G. Finney

You should get to know Kenneth E. Hagin Sr.

You should get to know Count Von Zinnendorf

You should get to know George Whitfield

You should get to know Peter Marshall

You should get to know Jack Hayford

You should get to know Smith Wigglesworth

You should get to know George Muller

You should get to know Dick Mills

You should get to know Gordon Lindsay

You should get to know Kathryn Kuhlman



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