Things I still have in my heart yet to do…


I have traveled in most of the places where the apostle Paul went, but still have not had the opportunity to explore Greece from top to bottom. I would also like to go to some of the places he went to by boat.


I would like to travel across Canada by train, then come back through the States by car.


I have yet to see the Grand Canyon from the ground, but would love to take a rubber raft down it over several days and fish and camp along the way.


I also day-dream about having a nice little cabin near the house, where I can paint any time I want, without having to clean up afterwards. It should be big enough for half a dozen other “wanna-be-artists” to be able to come in to paint together, exploring the limits of our creativity, springing ideas off of each other, and working with joy and excitement while the music plays.




If I could only go to one place… - Explore the Land of Israel in a non-touristy kind of way.


If I could only have one computer - it would be a Mac… anything Mac… I have switched over and am really enjoying these tools.


If you could only listen to one radio preacher - I would listen to Chuck Swindoll.


If you could only listen to one non-Christian radio Program - I would listen to NPR’s  “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”.


If could only buy one cup of coffee it would have to be a Tim Horton’s coffee.


If you could only have one order of a hamburger and fries - I would get it from Gary’s Restaurant in Lowville, New York


If you could only play one game with my friends, I would play - Trivia Pursuit, especially when we play against our wives … guys against girls…


If you could only only have one Bible study tool - I would get the NKJV Spirit-filled Bible Edited by Jack Hayford. (Best study Bible I have found)




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