I can get really excited about the white spaces on my calendar. The simpler my days are the better.


I love words. I always have. I can get absolutely excited about a colorful phrase, an expression, or a clever quote.


I enjoy kayaking on smooth water, not just any water, but water ways that go somewhere. I enjoy the journey. Perhaps the best rivers that fit my need are in the Adirondacks.


Black licorice in almost any form.


I love anything with curry and ginger in it and crave it every couple of weeks. I am always looking for places that know how to prepare it just the way I like it. I really enjoy either of these spices with a chicken stir-fry mixed together with a steaming pile of rice. It is my favorite meal. But then again, there are few things in life like a good, old-fashioned hamburger. Maybe that is my favorite meal?


A friend made us a really nice patio out of some old bricks we salvaged… simply my favorite spot to have my coffee and read my Bible in the morning - all summer long - rain or shine.


I enjoy all kinds of photography. Whenever I have day that I can spend any way I like, I love taking my camera and roaming around some unexplored part of the county, sometime by car, sometimes by kayak, but always looking for something of interest to shoot.


My heart races whenever I roam around some old used-bookstore, hoping to find a hidden treasure that everyone else has over-looked. Put this together with the coffee and it does not get much better than that.


As a kid, I would sit for hours listening to my grandfather tell of his experiences and family history. I knew what questions to ask him to draw more out of him, so he did not want to quit. I could see in his face that he really enjoyed re-living it all again, especially for an eager listener. For me, it was better than anything that was on television at the time. I attribute my love for story-telling to those days at his little farm house.


I love to relate to people of other cultures. Something in me gravitates to doing this again and again. It is one of the great pleasures in my life.


I love the kind of humor where something is presented as being plausible, but is too ridiculous to be true. Although doing this gets me in trouble sometimes.


I love all kinds of history and find it easy to put myself in it. Since I was a little kid, I have always had a strong imagination. I do not need much in the way of outside entertainment.


I have a compulsion to share whatever I have found that brings me enjoyment, whether it is a book, a song, an idea, or scenery.


The three things in my life that I could not live without are the voice of the Lord, His anointing upon me, and the sense of His favor upon me. I just love Jesus, don’t you?


Hope you find what you love.... and love what you find... Penn


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