Here are some iPhone apps that I have found to be useful to various degree:


Olive Tree Bible Study App


YouVersion Bible - download a full version so you can use when you are not near wifi.


Viber is a nice little app for texting or talking long distance free of charge. It works like Skype.


I have Face Book on my phone, which helps me keep up with it.


Find My Phone - This would be helpful if my phone was lost or stolen.


Find My Car - shows my age as I can hardly find my car at a mall anymore.


Timmy Time - helps me locate Tim Hortons


I use iTrans NYC to find my way around the subway system of New York.


I have a barcode scanner called Scanner, which helps me price anything and find where it is cheapest.


ScanLife for reading QR codes, which are becoming more common now.


I have a Pedometer for when I walk…


MyFitnessPal is a great tool to keep track of what I eat. This app comes with a bar code scanner that you can apply to any item to see what is in it and how many calories it has per serving.


I use iBPTracker to keep an eye on my blood pressure.


NightClock which is a nice little alarm clock.


I like iTranslate for speaking short sentences in many different languages.


Helpful when  you don’t have a translator around.


Google Maps (until Apple’s get up to speed)


Google Translate


Google Local… helps me find what is around me… good way to find restaurants when I am traveling.


The Weather Channel… has a map that shows how a storm is moving.


I just downloaded Marksta which will allow me to put a water mark on any photos I take with my iPhone before I upload them to FaceBook… not sure how much I will use this, but I like the general idea.


I like Spider Solitaire, but it is not as much on a phone as it is on an iPad.




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