My purpose is to train and equip leader for the end-time harvest. I want to do whatever we can to strengthen the local church and prepare disciples to advance the kingdom of God one heart at a time. My goal is invest in the lives of those who are in ministry or are being trained for it. I want to produce books that contain a fresh perspective and that illustrate how to handle the word of God with integrity.




I have created a unique study program that allows you to do in-depth studies based upon what you are really interested in studying -- at your own pace. I provide  study guides, which cover over fifty difference subjects that touch your life where you live. You can do this at our table in Penn Yan, New York or from your own home. Either way, the goal is to become accountable to the Lord for how you spend your time and how deep you go. The more you apply yourself the more you grown; simple. To learn more about how it works, click here






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