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Wordsmith Publishing is an outreach ministry of our church, WellSpring Fellowship, of Penn Yan, New York. Our goal is to make our books available for discipleship and to publish them in various the countries where we have a mission interest.


Our purpose is to train and equip leader for the end-time harvest. We want to do whatever we can to strengthen the local church and prepare disciples to advance the kingdom of God one heart at a time.



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There are many different kinds of smiths in the world. There are blacksmiths, tinsmiths, and goldsmiths, but what vocation can be higher than to be able to spend one’s life working with words? Words can be wrought in such a way as to change an individual’s life. Beyond this, consider the enormous privilege of spending a lifetime handling God’s Word, which transforms and enriches lives. Furthermore, it inspires us to love God for all eternity. What can be more valuable than that which has been wrought by God’s Word?


Wordsmith Study Notes were originally written for those in our local church who were in leadership or were preparing for the ministry. In time, I began to print them in a newsletter format, sending them out to various church leaders and those who prayed for my ministry. When the internet became available, I decided it would be more expedient to publish Wordsmith online. Over the years, this has been a proven way to invest in the lives of those who are in ministry or are being trained for it.

My Books

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About Penn

In 1985, Penn and Heather Clark left their native Canada with a missionary visa to help start a church in northern New York, where they pastored for more than twenty-one years.


In 2001, Penn formed Word of Grace Network, an apostolic fellowship of like-minded ministers committed to world missions, raising up the next generation of leaders, and equipping others to advance the Kingdom of God.


The Lord has sent Penn to some of the neediest places on Earth, where he has taught and trained leaders, helped start churches, and enabled the poor to help themselves. His primary focus has been on India, Ukraine, Haiti, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia, where he has helped establish other churches and networks—all geared toward preparing God’s people for the great end-time harvest.


He has been given the privilege of leading many people into the wonderful Baptism with the Holy Spirit while endeavoring to serve as an example of how to live a balanced Spirit-filled life.


The Clarks live in Penn Yan, where they pastor WellSpring Fellowship in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State.


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My Discipleship Program

Impartation comes through listening...

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For years all could do was listen to messages on cassett tapes of some of my favorite speakers. I would listen for hours while drawing or driving. Looking back on it now, I realize how much this shaped me and my message and how much was  was imparted into my life this way. I encourage you to get this audio files and listen to them often. There is life in it for you. My books will talk on new significance after you have heard them taught in audio formate.

Our goal is to help people become disciples of the Living Christ.

I have created a unique study program that allows you to do in-depth studies based upon what you are really interested in studying -- at your own pace. I provide  study guides, which cover over fifty difference subjects that touch your life where you live. You can do this at our table in Penn Yan, New York or from your own home. Either way, the goal is to become accountable to the Lord for how you spend your time and how deep you go. The more you apply yourself the more you grown; simple.

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