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31A Wellington Street West

Toronto, Ontario




What Do I Do?

I am a pastor

2009-Present  |  WellSpring Fellowship in Penn Yan, NY

I helped start WellSpring about seven years ago. Overall, it has been a delightful experience. When I was seeking the Lord for the vision of our new church plant, I had asked Him to give me hungry young people, who wanted to be trained to be modern-day disciples of the Living Christ. He has done that and more! My role in the church these days is to provide teaching and training that will help our people be effective in ministry.

I travel extensively

1992-Present  |  I have not been everywhere yet

I first began going overseas to India and the Ukraine where I felt like I was walking in the book of Acts, seeing God move by His power, helping to establish churches, and seeing people come into more of God's grace. Since then I have gone many times to China, Haiti, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Canada, as well as brief visits to a few other places.

I write books

1978-Present  | I am constantly writing...

Since I first met the Lord, I felt compelled to write, keeping my sermons and studies notes in such a way that they could be used in books at some point in time. I have been writing almost none stop since then, but it has only been recently that I have begun to publish discipleship materials in a major way.

What do I Teach About?

God's Manifold Grace

The Spirit-filled Life

Personal Revival

Becoming a Life-Giving Church

What am I writing about these days?

I am writing several books at a time

2015 | Current

These days I am writing a book about being refreshed and restored through resting and retreating, entitled, "Come Aside". I have also been writing a book about living in God's grace so we can avoid the extremes of legalism and lawlessness. I also have been working on a major series about the work of the Holy Spirit.


What are your latest books?

What countries am I focused on now?

Spain  |  Portugal  |  Chile

Jesus in Warfare| Stopping the Mouths of Lions

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These days I am primarily focused on Spain,  Portugal, and Chile. These are other places I visit, but will go where I can contribute to the  growth of next generation of leadership.

These two books are very important to me as they are a compilation of what the Lord taught me during some of my most difficult struggles with people. I see these books as practical spiritual warfare studies that could save marriages and churches from splitting.

"Win everyone to Christ, whether they are Christians or not."

- My Motto

Penn Clark

Penn Yan, New York