Our Purpose

   The purpose of Word of Grace Network is to build a relationship-based fellowship of like-minded ministers who desire to work together in missions, both here and around the world.


    We have defined our values and vision, established a course of action, and set a standard of accountability so that we can build strong healthy churches.


    In order to fulfill this purpose, we will focus on the following areas:


 • We want to provide a place where church leaders can establish meaningful relationships with those who are like-minded.

 • We want to provide general oversight that enhances the autonomy of the local church and inspires real accountability among our pastors.

 • We want to provide events where church leaders can come together for mutual edification.

 • We want to provide resources for ministers and those preparing for ministry, that will help them develop strong and healthy ministries.  

 • We want to work together in missions and church planting, both here and overseas.   

     We trust that as we work together to fulfill these goals, our members and churches will have a growing sense of identity and purpose.




Advancing the Kingdom One Heart at a Time

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A global network, based in the Finger Lake region of, New York.


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