Word of Grace Network is a fellowship of ministers who want to be part of the great end-time harvest.


     If each of us were given a short piece of string and were told to go out and catch some fish, how much would we be able to accomplish by ourselves? Yet, if we took the time to tie each piece of string together, we can form a great net and catch many fish.


     In order to accomplish anything in these last days, we need to learn to work together, sharing the grace we have been given.


     In order to work together we must build strong relationships. The Apostle John indicated that we can measure the depth of our relationship with the Lord by the condition of our relationships with each other.


    Within these pages, you can learn more about the vision and values our network has been built around, which inspires us to share our grace, our time, and our resources, in order to effectively advance the Kingdom of God together.


Our network is not something you would want to join unless you were looking for a deeper relationship with those who were also focused on missions, church planting, and raising up the next generation of leaders.

Advancing the Kingdom One Heart at a Time

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