Our Statement of Faith

The Holy Scriptures -The Foundation Of Truth

We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, upon which we should build every aspect of our lives.


The Eternal Godhead

We believe the Godhead to be a Trinity, which consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


Christ - God Reaching Out To Mankind

We believe in the Deity of Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His atoning death and in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father. We also believe in Christ's personal return in power and great glory, in His millennial reign and His everlasting dominion.


The Plan Of Total Redemption

We believe in salvation, healing and deliverance through the redemptive work of Christ at Calvary.


Daily Christian Living

We believe in personal sanctification, holiness of heart and the overcoming life as scriptural requirements for becoming The Bride of Christ.


The Keeping Power Of God

We believe that Jesus Christ is able to keep us from falling and to present us faultless before the presence of His glory with exceeding joy.


The Spirit-Filled Life

We believe in the baptism with the Holy Spirit as a distinct experience from the New Birth; and that the gifts of the Spirit and His miraculous power are as available today as they were in the early days of the church. We also believe it to be equally essential to have the fruit of the Spirit, so that we do not have power without purity.


We Will Live For All Eternity

We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto the resurrection of eternal life and they that are lost unto the resurrection of eternal punishment.


Human Life Begins at Conception

We believe that life begins at conception and that we should provide the same love and protection before the birth of a child, as we would give after. (Psalm 139:13-16)


Sexual Sins

We believe that homosexuality and other sexual activity outside the marriage covenant, as originally intended by God, is sin. If such sin were to remain unconfessed as such, it would result in the participant’s ineligibility to be part of the Kingdom of God. For this same reason, those who are unrepentant would also be ineligible to be part of our Fellowship.   (1 Corinthians 6:9-11; Galatians 5:19-21; 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8)


Obeying Jesus' Great Commission

We believe in evangelistic and missionary fervor, endeavoring to convert the lost in obedience to the Great Commission. By so doing, we also strengthen the spiritual lives of those who are already His.


God's Order For Living

We believe that it is essential to our growth and development that we honor God-ordained authority in the home, in the church, and in civil government.


Advancing the Kingdom One Heart at a Time

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