“Advancing the Kingdom of God one heart at a time”



  Here are the main reasons pastors give for joining a Network:

1. They Don’t want to Work Alone

   Some join Networks because they don’t want to work alone. They have a desire affiliate with others who are planting new churches, raising up the next generation of leadership, and finding ways to advance the Kingdom of God, both here and overseas. Much more can be accomplished when we work with those who share the same vision and values.

  1. 2. They Want a Relationship

   Some join Networks because they have a strong desire for real fellowship. Building real relationships not only strengthens us, but it benefits the overall soundness of our churches. Everyone wants to belong to something outside themselves. The central focus of our network, the thing that will hold us together, is the personal relationships we develop and invest in. To read more about doing this, click here.

3. They Want an Affiliation That Facilitates Ministry Rather Than Limits it

    We all have experienced controlling and confusing denominational structure. While some government is needed with every organization, we do not want to put all our time and resources into maintaining a system of government that is too top-heavy, or too bureaucratic. All of this takes time and energy away from our primary ministry. Apostolic thinking is different than denominational thinking. To read more about this, click here.

4. They Want To Build Something For the Next Generation

   Our vision is to build a healthy network that the next generation of leaders can have ownership in. We all have longed for some kind of affiliation where we can both give and receive life from. Let’s build something together that we can hand off to the next generation that really works and is worth-while.

5. Serious Training

   If we are going to participate in the end-time great harvest, we are going to need a lot more laborers.  We believe that the primary place to receive ministerial training is within our local churches. Our young men and women should be invited to serve alongside functioning ministry, not just read about it at a desk.  We want to provide opportunities and real-time training as well as endless opportunities to serve now, not some day.

Fill out an on-line application here...Application.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0


   In order to initiate the process of joining Word of Grace Network, please fill-out an on-line application so we can learn more about you. An appointment will be made for you to sit down with our overseer to talk about how networking works.

   You must agree with our Statement of Faith and we hope that you walk with an open heart concerning the distinctives that are important to us. Please carefully read through the rest of the material posted on this website as it will help you decide if we are the right group for you or not.

You must read and agree with a paper called “The Commitment” which outlines what we should expect of each other if we join.

  Churches that are planted by Word of Grace will automatically become eligible to be a part of our Network.

   Because one of our goals is to build close relationships, we avoid recruiting people for the sake of swelling numbers. Instead, we require all pastors to go through a "courtship period", where we can see how deep their commitment is to our values and vision.  

    If you have simply found our website by browsing through the internet, you must understand that fellowship does not happen this way, it begins