Levels of forgiveness

-From Head to Heart

Finding Our Own Freedom as We Forgive Others

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When Jesus taught us how to pray, He told us that we need to give and receive forgiveness on a daily basis. He then went on to address how we are to forgive others, demonstrating that He must have felt forgiveness was key to our prayer lives. I cannot help but wonder that, if He hadn’t commanded us to forgive, we might not begin the process at all. Those initial steps of obedience, from our head, lead us to eventually feeling forgiveness in our hearts.


Jesus also assured us that offenses are inevitable. They happen to everyone and cause divisions in every family, marriage, church, and friendship. Forgiveness is the one thing we need to practice in order to maintain these valuable relationships. It seems that our Father allows us the opportunity to forgive as an occasion to become more like Him.


Forgiveness is a grace word, so it is something we need to give away. Often, our own freedom hinges upon our giving freedom to those who have hurt or offended us.


In this booklet, you will see how forgiveness is a process, which takes time, commitment, and grace, as we follow God’s own example of how He forgave us.


In this study, Penn describes what forgiveness looks like, giving examples of forgiveness you can see, giving practical things you can do to start the feelings of forgiveness.


     Parts of this book were previously published in my other books Jesus in Warfare and from the companion edition of Stopping the Mouths of Lions which you can find on my website at www.penn-clark.com or on Amazon.com

Small Group Study...

Hi everyone, some small group leaders have decided to use this new booklet for their small group study this fall. I think this could be a game-changer for many people, changing lives chapter-by-chapter. If you are interested in doing this, we will send the leader a free book and give a bulk discount to help everyone else in the group get their copy. Message me if you are interested in doing this.

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