I am available to lead small groups on tours (ten people is best)


We meet in Syracuse, NY and do the northern half of the tour, which includes going to the villages of Adams, Henderson, Brownsville, Perch River, Evans Mills, Antwerp, Sodom, Gouverneur, DeKalb, and Lowville.


We break for the evening below Lowville, New York for an evening meal, time of teaching about revival from the scriptures, and after a good night sleep and a great breakfast, we would head off the next day to cover the southern part of the tour, which includes the village of Western, Trenton, Rome, Wrights Settlement, Rome, Whitesboro, New York Mills, New Hartford, Verona.


If there is time and interest we can add the Erie Canal Museum to the Southern tour... truly worthwhile seeing.


Taking such a tour cost $200 per person ($350 per couple) which includes van rental, gas, driver, two meals, and overnight lodging at a retreat center. Contact me with questions at



In the early 1800's the State of New York was ablaze with one of the greatest revival that ever took place American soil.


What were the villages and churches like before the revival?


What happened during the revival?


Whatever  happened to those churches after the revival?


Would you like to see what those places are like today, almost 200 years later?



Before you take the tour, you should read the first fourteen chapters of Finney’s autobiography to become acquainted with the story or to refresh your memory.


His memoirs can be read right here by clicking “Memoirs”


You can purchase the full version from most Christian bookstores or find a copy in your local public library.


You can also find Finney's Memoir in an eBook on Amazon.


It is important that you clear your schedule for these two days so we can take all the time we need to explore.


There is not much written about "Father Nash" but I found a lot of details about his life and ministry, which will be published soon. I will share more about this on the tour.



Click here to learn more about what you will see on the tour.


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Click here to read the section of Charles G. Finney's Memoir that pertains to the tour.



The entire tour can be completed in about seven hours, covering around 300 miles however, I feel it is best to do it over a two-day period, allowing time to see and absorb as much as possible.


      The tour is circular, so we will meet in Syracuse, park our cars at the airport, start the tour together in Adams, where the story begins. We will end up back in Syracuse the next day.


    This is an overnight tour. I have arranged for us to stay at a lovely retreat center in Lewis County, where we can comfortably pass the night, share together around the subject of revival in the evening, have a good night’s rest, start the day with great breakfast and head off on the second part of our tour.


      This tour will be personally directed by Penn Clark, who has done extensive research about Finney and Nash through the years. The goal was to look at what the towns and villages were live before the revival, what happened during the revival, and after the revival.



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