This beautifully printed handbook is about 100 pages in length and is 8.5 X 11 in size.


     There has been a dramatice rise in negative spiritual activity messing up people's lives. As we try to help others, we quickly realize that we need for more efficient tools to undo and outdo the works of darkness. Thus, the subject of deliverance always gets a closer look by those who want to truly help others. At the same time, we must be careful to build into our arsenal a clear Biblical basis and scriptural balance for all of our practices. I hope this study provides this for you. May God bless you as you search His Word with the help of the Spirit of truth.



My Pastoral Concerns

How to Study This Subject

Common Denominators

Every Example of Deliverance in the Gospels

30 Questions

The Devil’s Game Plan

My Definition of Possessed

How to Tell if Someone Needs Deliverance

Kinds of Spirits or Demons

How to Cast Out a Demon

What is the Basis of Our Authority?

What is the Basis of Our Protection?

Casting Out Demons in The Name of Jesus

Mental Oppression

Spirit of Infirmity

How to Defile a Man





Can a Christian have a Demon?

Are Generational Curses Real?

Is the “spirit of Jezebel Real?

Is Praying by Proxy Biblical?

Wasn’t Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh and Attack From the Enemy?

Can the Devil Do Whatever He Wants to do?

What Does it Mean to “Bind and Loose” Evil Spirits?


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About the series

This book is the first in a series of twelve study guides being written to help people prepare for their ministry or to develop as a church leader. This material has been tested at a local church level for over a 30 years, helping people come into their calling. We will make it available in print and in ebook formate as they come available.

You can study about how to study

You can learn how to cultivate your call

You can learn how to cultivate the anointing

You can learn how to cultivate integrity

You can learn how to wage warfare the way Jesus did

You can learn how to come aside and rest

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