One day, I was walking down a busy street in some distant city, when my eye caught a sign in a shop window. It said, “Rare Old Books”. I thought to myself, “That’s the kind I want to write! Rare because they are not just saying what everyone wants to hear, and old, because they bear fruit that remains, standing the test of time.


     I do not harbor any illusions of becoming a popular author or of Wordsmith becoming a major player in today’s vast publishing industry. My goal is more modest, but God-given; I want to produce books that contain a fresh perspective for those who have decided to become disciples of the Living Christ. I want them to contain truths that challenge the church to be all it can be and to be an example of how to handle the word of God with integrity, so that pastors and potential pastors would want to do the same.


     To accomplish this, our church,WellSpring Fellowship in Penn Yan, New York, has started its own publishing company. We did this in order to make available the teaching materials I have been working on for most of my ministry. This body of work contains the teaching presented in our discipleship ministry hosted here in Penn Yan.


     We have decided to invest our own time and money to get these books edited and printed, here, and in the countries where we have had the most mission interest. We believe that publishing this material is part of our ongoing purpose and calling in missions. We have assembled a small international team to help us accomplish this vision, but could use your help.


     Here are several ways you could partner with us:


1.  We need prayer support. We know we need this in order to go the distance. So far, all of this has proven to be a huge task and we have only gotten this far through much spiritual effort. Just getting the books translated warrants lots of prayer. Raising the financial support needed to do this is also key to getting these books into the hands of those who need them most. Our immediate goal is make this material available to disciples, pastors, and potential church leaders in Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Haiti, and India.


2. We are working on establishing a web-based Book Store as our primary point of distribution. We are using Amazon, Nook, and iBook as well, but this comes at a price. If people purchased directly from us it would help keep a larger part of the profits in our hands, so we can re-invest them in making more books. You could partner with us by sharing the link to our website with those who you think would benefit from this kind of teaching.


3. We are looking for people who believe in what we do who might want to help us financially. We would welcome any support you offer. You could choose a particular subject or project that is dear to your own heart, or help make some aspect of the production move forward, either here or overseas. Write to ask for any current information about how to do this and we will let you know what we are working on.


4. You could host a book table at your church or special event, if you thought it would help impact the people you are trying to reach.


5. We can provide books at a bulk rate if you plan to use them in your own discipleship ministry. Let us know how we can help you get your own mission work to move forward.


     No one is profiting from any of the book sales at this point in time. If we need to hire some staff in the future, this could change that, but for now, our goal is to re-invest any and all the revenue created by the books into printing and producing more books. It is as simple as that.


     Stand with us, talk with us, and pray for us so that together we can make the Kingdom a little larger, one heart at a time.



With every blessings, Penn Clark   2017 - All Rights Reserved