Available in Print...

This book is available in print now. You can order your copy directly from us now and we will put it in the mail to you as right away. It will cost $12.00 per copy (plus $3.00 shipping and handling) You can order you copy by clicking here


A Bulk rate of the printed book is also available for small groups and Bible Studies. Just let me know how many you will need.


Available as an eBook...

This booklet is also available in an ebook format for Kindle or Apple's iBook.

PDF for disciples and small groups...

We are making this handbook available in an easy to read PDF format for discipleship students and for small group Bible studies.  This format will work on your phone, iPad, or kindle... or computer. All you need is an Adobe PDF reader, which most computers have.


You can download this edition for $5.00 per copy when you write me to ensure that you qualify for the 50% discount.  penn@penn-clark.com



Esta edición se puede leer en su ordenador, iPad o teléfono con su lector de libros electrónicos por

$ 9.99 (US)

PDF para Discípulos


Nous vous invitons à consulter le document disponible en format PDF pour les groupes qui se trouvent dans un groupe de dissémination ou les études bibliques de l'église ou des groupes pequeños. Tout le monde a besoin d'un lecteur de PDF de Adobe, la plupart des ordinateurs ont. Écrivez-moi une note pour vous assurer que vous avez calculé le prix du 50%. penn@penn-clark.com


My books are now available in Canada in Canadian funds and can be purchased simply by typing my name in the search bar at http://essencebookstore.com







The book will be sent to you from Belleville, Ontario.


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